Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300, KWS300 SIP (IP-DECT)

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SIP solution for SMBs

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The KIRK Wireless Server 300 is a single cell solution for small businesses with a need to supply up to 12 mobile employees with a wireless handset.
The infrastructure of the KIRK Wireless Server 300 consists only of the server itself and the KIRK Handsets, making it very simple to get the business wireless.
Small businesses with large geographical areas and multiple floors can extend radio coverage by adding one or more KIRK repeaters to the KIRK Wireless Server 300 — and also small businesses with multiple locations can easily offer mobility benefits to their employees by installing KWS300 at each location.
The KIRK Wireless Server 300 not only eliminates the need for non–standard cabling, it also simplifies administration and maintenance, reduces costs and improves employee mobility and remote connectivity.

Features and Benefits
Support for complete KIRK Handset Port Folio
Extend of coverage by repeater
SIP Server with four voice channels
Text Messaging
Provisioning of configuration, firmware and wireless users

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