Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 6000, KWS6000 SIP (IP-DECT)

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SIP server for medium to large enterprises

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The KIRK Wireless Server 6000 is a complete wireless enterprise solution.
Seamless handover between base stations, extensive radio coverage, messaging to handset, value added applications and scalability are just some of the benefits of the KIRK Wireless Server 6000.
The KIRK Wireless Server 6000 consists of the KIRK Wireless Server 6000 itself, KIRK Media Resources, KIRK IP Base Stations, KIRK Repeaters and KIRK Handsets.
A flexible license option allows you to only pay for extra users when you need it. You pay, you upgrade and you have more mobile users.
Up to 256 KIRK IP Base Stations and up to 4096 wireless users can be subscribed to the KIRK Wireless Server 6000, making it extremely scalable and the ideal choice for fast growing and large businesses.

Features and Benefits
No need for proprietary cabling
IP as only logical interface
All maintenance done through the server
Stable system core based on Linux
Supporting standard features from the SIP Asterisk
Provisioning of configuration, firmware and wireless users

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