Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 600v3, KWS600v3 (IP-DECT) Multi cell

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Scalable IP server ideal for a wide range of businesses

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The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is ideal for small to medium as well as larger businesses.

The KIRK Wireless Server 600V3 is available with a Cisco Skinny protocol (limited to EMEA and Australia), H.323 protocol and SIP.

The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is scalable up to 1500 wireless users. Available as either a single–cell or a multi–cell solution, it can be adjusted to meet exact requirements. The IP interface to the PBX makes it an ideal solution for businesses with several locations. A multi–site solution can be customized with a number of single–cell and multi–cell solutions depending on the size of each individual location. Whenever there is a need for more than one KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 at a location, a primary KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is needed and the location is considered to be multi–cell.
Up to 256 radio units can be applied to obtain the necessary radio coverage. A single–cell version consists of one KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 and up to 6 KIRK Repeaters. The server runs on an existing LAN.

Features and Benefits
Up to 1500 wireless users
Up to 256 radio units
Synchronisation over the air
Built-in redundancy
Power over LAN
One RJ45 for 100 Megabit connection to Ethernet
Browser configured - no additional SW needed
Codec G.711 and G.729
Provisioning of configuration and firmware

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