Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 8000, KWS8000 (Analog)

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Extremely scalable and flexible solution with combined analogue and SIP VoIP interface

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The KIRK Wireless Server 8000 is an extremely scalable solution which makes it an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises.
A KIRK Wireless Server 8000 solution includes a number of interface cards: a CPU card w/without link option, an analogue card with 8 or 16 lines, a VoIP interface card with 32 simultaneous calls per card and a Base Station card that is able to connect up to 8 KIRK Base Stations.

Each KIRK Wireless Server 8000 has room for 1 CPU card, up to 8 interface cards—and up to 8 servers can be linked together.
By combining the KIRK Base Station cards, the analogue card and the VoIP card, a wireless solution customized to match the exact need of the individual customer is easily produced.
A flexible GUI (Graphical User Interface) management program provides a range of service facilities such as e-mail reports and analysing tools which ensures a smooth running system and a high ROI as visits on site are reduced.

Features and Benefits
Combined analogue and SIP VoIP interface for stepwise migration
Excellent voice quality for clearer communication
Low power consumption for a greener environment and cost reductions
Open interface and MSF facilities for greater internal communication
Hot plug for easy replacement of interface cards while system is running
CLIP for overview and access to Caller IDs (name and number)
Automatic cable measurement for straightforward installation
Modular design with flexibility and scalability for meeting the need of the individual user

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