Spectralink LAN Sync License (KWS2500)

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This new feature is a technical improvement on Spectralink DECT product portfolio, as it delivers great benefits such as:
  • Simpler deployment, configuration and maintenance
  • Improved reliability with self-healing system
  • Fewer base stations required to cover the same area
  • Better hand-over between cells resulting in a better user experience

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This product bulletin serves to inform Spectralink partners about the new Spectralink LAN (Local Area Network) Sync feature license, which will be released for all Spectralink DECT Servers on July 1, 2015.

This license allows the Spectralink DECT Servers to support synchronization via IP-DECT Base Stations.

In a multi-cell DECT system the base station radios must be synchronized to each other in order to achieve the optimum handover experience, when handsets are moving between base stations. With this feature Spectralink makes it possible to synchronize IP-DECT Base Stations via LAN instead of via radio.

Benefits of LAN Sync:
  • Simpler deployment, configuration and maintenance
    • All base stations automatically synchronize to one source/master
  • Requires fewer base stations to cover the same area
    • The required wireless coverage overlap area between IP-DECT base stations using LAN Sync is similar to deploying digital bases.
  • Self-healing system
    • If the master fails, a new one will be automatically selected without disrupting the current synchronization state.
LAN based synchronization requires that the base stations involved in a handover are on the same network segment.
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