Yealink SIP-T46G Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone (Bluetooth, HD Voice, Paperless, 5-way conference)

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Ultimate Experience, Innovative Future.

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  • 4.3" 480x272-pixel color display with backlight
  • Optima HD voice, Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet (Router & Switch), Integrated PoE
  • 1xBuilt-in USB Port, Support Bluetooth
  • Up to 6 SIP accounts, 5-way converence
  • 10 multifunctional line keys, UP to 27 various features
  • Wall mountable, Integrated stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • Supports EXP40 expansion modules

Ultimate Experience, Innovative Future.
The Yealink T4X series is intended for discerning users with very high expectations of IP phones. It has been designed specifically for people who take great statisfaction in experiencing excellence actually being delivered. Revolutionary in appearance and advanced technical design, the T4X series is not only pleasurable and practical to use but also offers up to 4.3 inch 480 s 272 pixels extra-large display screens that make pen and paper redundant in the busy office environment. In fact, the T4X series represents the cutting-edge of contemporary VoIP technology in action. Adavanced features include support for gigabit networks, plus USB Bluetooth support for easy Bluetooth earphone use. Enhanced sound quality is delivered by the Optima HD Voice system which meets ITA 920 certification standards. In the T4X series, Yealink has set out to achieve the ideal marriage of perfection with performance.

Remarkable Quality and Design
Elegance in something that you use regularly is a necessity as well as luxury - especially if it has been made specifically for you. The T46's revolutionary design applies not only to the quality of its telephony but also its extremely handsome look and feel. The finest materials have been used to ensure both high performance and an appealing metallic texture finish.

Large Inter-active Digital Display
With support for up to 10 multifunctional line keys and 27 additional features, the T4X series makes you feel that you suddenly have more time on every day. Working rapidly on-screen is essential when the seconds count. To banish the outmoded use of pen and paper from modern telephony, we have added generously large and easy-to-read screen displays that can be configured directly through your server.

Gigabit Support
Gigabit connection speeds are coming! The T4X series allows you to experience faster network performance than ever before. High-speed broadband services deliver swifter communications designed to keep you in constant touch with even more people. Businesses naturally want to make the most of their connections. The T4X series has been designed with the specific aim of making full compatible use of expanding modern gigabit networks.

Bluetooth Support via USB Port
The T46G IP phone provides USB Bluetooth connection portals that allow Bluetooth earphones to be used freely in the immediate office environment. Hands-free remote working combines covenience with comfort.

Optima HD Voice
Yealink T4X series IP Phone has passed all TIA 920 certification. Voice clarity makes good communication so much easier. Yealink's solution has been to develop the high-performance enhanced Optima HD Voice system. Yealink's aim is to ensure you many hours of easy listening. 

Audio Features
> HD voice: HD handset, HD speaker
> Codecs: AMR-WB (optional), AMR-NB (optional),  G.722, G.711(A/µ), G.723.1, G.729AB, G.726, iLBC
> DTMF: In-band, Out-of-band(RFC 2833) and SIP INFO
> Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC

Phone Features
> 16 VoIP accounts
> Call hold, mute, DND
> One-touch speed dial, hotline
> Call forward, call waiting, call transfer
> Group listening, SMS, emergency call
> Redial, call return, auto answer
> 3-way conferencing
> Direct IP call without SIP proxy
> Ring tone selection/import/delete
> Set date time manually or automatically
> Dial plan, XML Browser, Action URL/URI
> RTCP-XR (RFC3611), VQ-RTCPXR (RFC6035)
> USB port (2.0 compliant) for: Bluetooth earphone through BT40, Contact synchronization through BT40,  Wi-Fi through WF40, USB call recording through USB flash drive
> Enhanced DSS Key

> Loal phonebook up to 1000 entries
> Black list
> XML/LDAP remote phonebook
> Intelligent search method
> Phonebook search/import/export
> Call history: dialed/received/missed/forwarded

IP-PBX Features
> Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
> Bridged Line Apperance (BLA)
> Anonymous call, anonymous call rejection
> Hot-desking, voice mail, flexible seating
> Call park, call pickup
> Executive and Assistant
> Centralized call recording
> Visual voice mail
> Call recording

Display and Indicator
> 4.3" 480 x 272-pixel color display with backlight
> 16 bit depth color
> LED for call and message waiting indication
> Dual-color (red or green) illuminated LEDs for  line status information
> Wallpaper
> Intuitive user interface with icons and soft keys
> Multilingual user interface
> Caller ID with name, number and photo
> Screensaver
> Power saving

Feature keys
> 10 line keys with LED
> 10 line keys can be programmed up to 27 various features (3-page view)
> 7 features keys: message, headset, hold, mute, transfer, redial, hands-free speakerphone
> 4 context-sensitive ?soft? keys
> 6 navigation keys
> Volume control keys
> Illuminated mute key
> Illuminated headset key
> Illuminated hands-free speakerphone key

> Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
> 1 x USB port (2.0 compliant)
> 1 x RJ9 (4P4C) handset port
> 1 x RJ9 (4P4C) headset port
> 1 x RJ12 (6P6C) EXT port: Supports up to 6 Expansion Modules for an attendant console application
> Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), class 0

Other Physical Features
> Stand with 2 adjustable angles
> Wall mountable
> External Yealink AC adapter (optional): AC 100~240V input and DC 5V/2A output
> Power consumption (PSU): 1.8-4.3W
> Power consumption (PoE): 2.1-5.3W
> Dimension (W*D*H*T): 244mm*213mm*185mm*54mm
> Operating humidity: 10~95%
> Operating temperature: -10~50°C (+14~122°F

> Configuration: browser/phone/auto-provision
> Auto provision via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS for mass deploy
> Auto-provision with PnP
> BroadSoft device management
> Zero-sp-touch, TR-069
> Phone lock for personal privacy protection
> Reset to factory, reboot
> Package tracing export, system log

Network and Security
> SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261)
> Call server redundancy supported
> NAT traversal: STUN mode
> Proxy mode and peer-to-peer SIP link mode
> IP assignment: static/DHCP
> HTTP/HTTPS web server
> Time and date synchronization using SNTP
> QoS: 802.1p/Q tagging (VLAN), Layer 3 ToS DSCP
> SRTP for voice
> Transport Layer Security (TLS)
> HTTPS certificate manager
> AES encryption for configuration file
> Digest authentication
> OpenVPN, IEEE802.1X
> IPv6
> IC

Package Features
>  Package content:
 - Yealink SIP-T46G IP phone
 - Handset with handset cord
 - Ethernet Cable (2m CAT5E FTP Cable)
 - Stand
 - Quick Start Guide
 - Power Adapter (Optional)

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5 von 5 Telekom Deutschland LAN cloud PBX durch ein Yealink T46G / T48G erweitern

Ich gebe in den Autoprovisioning Einstellung des Telefons alle Daten ein (gemäß DTAG Anleitung und auch identisch zu der URL die zB in den andere Telfonen eingetragen ist) und wenn ich dann neu boote bricht er das provisioning ab mit Update skipped. Dank durch Herrn Gottensträter konnte ich das Problem lösen! Der DTAG Support war nicht hilfreich... Das Telefon hat standardmäßig nur vertrauenswürdige Zertifikate akzeptiert. Das von der DTAG ist scheinbar kein solches. Ich hab in der Web-GUI die Einstellung unter „Sicherheit“ so geändert, dass auch nicht vertrauenswürdige zertifikate akzeptiert werden, danach funktionierte es. Dieser VoIP Shop ist wirklich empfehlenswert!

., 10.01.2019
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T46G Datenblatt

Yealink SIP-T46G + STARFACE Telefonanlage + Baudisch SIP Video Türtelefon

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