fanvil X6 Gigabit IP phone with 2 color LCD, PoE, HD-Audio (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Elastix)

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6 SIP-accounts

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Fanvil X6 ? VoIP phone designed for executives and senior managers. IP-phone Fanvil X6 help optimize workflow and intelligently distribute the working hours.

Phone has a convenient user interface and sleek design. Fanvil X6 has all the features necessary for productive work. The large color display diagonal of 3.4 inches is reflected all the information about incoming / outgoing / missed calls, and a separate LCD-BLF keys (3 sheets of 12 keys) will help obtain information about the status of the subscriber and get rid of the paper media on your phone .

Fanvil X6 is compatible with all major modern IP PBX platforms that use the SIP protocol: such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Elastix. Phone is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, a connector for a headset RJ9, support PoE. Phone Fanvil X6 supports 6 SIP-accounts.

The user can adjust the volume and select the ring tone on your own. High quality communication that distinguishes Fanvil phone will not disappoint even the most demanding user.

Fanvil X6 is a great solution for people who want to find a machine that will be the center of the workplace and help make the day a comfortable and productive.

Fanvil X6 ? it is the IP-phone designed for a new generation of leaders and senior managers. The main feature of Fanvil X6 is the presence of two displays. Chief among them ? a bright, color with a diagonal of 3.4 inches is designed for maximum comfort with the phone and easily perform a large number of functions embedded in the device. The objective of the second display ? Displays actions assigned to each of the 12, the DSS keys.

Please order the power supply separately, if you do not have a PoE switch available!

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EU Stromnetzteil (12V/1A)

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