ALLO Quad-Band GSM PCI card, 4 GSM channel interface card for Asterisk/FreeSwitch/Elastix/TrixBox, Hardware Echo Cancellation for Digital audio quality, User can modify IMEI and PIN

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Target Applications
GSM connectivity for PBX, Mobile PBX and GSM VoIP gateway

Kategorie: GSM/WCDMA trunk

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Up to 4 GSM channels
Customer can hack and change IMEI

Use the ALLO GSM card to bridge calls from any Mobile GSM Network to VOIP in order to reduce mobile call cost or create new connections.

Our cards are used by any size company having employees on the road or who want to create extensions in remote locations. The user can change the IMEI through a hack. Your PBX will become mobile and extensions roaming.

ALLO drivers are available for Linux 2.4X and 2.6X Kernels for easy installation with any Open Source projects such as Asterisk, Elastix, Trixbox and Freeswitch, Yate and more. ALLO GSM cards have FRONT PLATE SIM LOAD technology which allows the user to insert/remove the SIM cards without opening the computer chassis.

Key Features
  • Echo Cancellation for Digital audio quality
  • User can modify IMEI and PIN
  • 1, 2 or 4 GSM modules
  • Quad-Band GSM 850/ 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Send/Receive SMS in text mode, AT command ready
  • Compatible with Asterisk/FreeSwitch/Elastix/TrixBox based applications
  • Front Plate SIM Load Technology (switch cards in a few seconds)
  • GSM modules are AT&T certificated
  • USSD, CLIP, CLIR supported
  • DTMF detection ready
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous GSM Calls
  • Support external antenna
  • Uses GSM channel driver
  • Bi-directional calls (Inbound and Outbound calls)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Available in both PCI and PCIe
  • GPRS data connections
  • 4 LEDs (network state indicators)
  • Suitable for 3.3 volts and 5.0 volts 32 bit PCI slots
  • Operation temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Includes a 2 year warranty against hardware
  • defects
  • 30 day no hassle money back guarantee
  • FREE Email support included
  • Phone Support up to 45 minutes by appointment
Target Applications
GSM connectivity for PBX, Mobile PBX and GSM VoIP gateway

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