ALLO SPARKY Giga (Networking USB/Ethernet Hub)

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Add 2 X Gigabit Ethernet ports to your Sparky with this Shield. Installs in a snap and increases the versatility of your Sparky.

These 2 x GB Ethernet ports connect to Sparky by USB 3.0. We have reached packet transfer speeds of 200Mbps with both ports working and up to 600Mbps on a single port (speeds are for packet transfer only without additional security/services added). These transfer rates are more than acceptable for a house/SOHO and even SMB set up.


Sparky + GIGA Shield can be used to run many different open source applications such as:

  • SHIELD (Unified Threat Manager)
  • Ntop-NG (Traffic Monitoring/Network Analyzer)
  • OpenWRT (Embedded router distribution)
  • IPFire (Firewall)
  • OpenMediaValut (NAS Solution)
  • Squid/Nginx (Content filtering/Web load balancing Gateway)
  • Network/Application vulnerability Scanners
  • 4G Routers (With USB based Add-on modules)
  • Strongswan/Openswan (IPSec VPN)
  • OpenVPN (SSLVPN)
  • OpenBTS (Software based GSM Access Points)

Technical Specifications

Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps
Ports 2
Input Voltage 5V (from main board)

Support & Downloads

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