Benertech A320HD-IP (Wideband HD), Monaural Headset

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Incorporating wideband audio this is the ultimate choice for crystal clear communication.

Product Features & Benefits:
For use with IP phone systems, the A320IP is the ultimate choice for the modern day call centre. Designed for intensive use, this headset will ensure user comfort and improved productivity with every conversation being crystal clear.
  • Easy to wear - monaural headset which can be worn on either the left or right ear
  • Adjustable headband - lightweight stainless steel headband to ensure rigidity and product longevity. Adjustable for a personal fit.
  • Leatherette ear cushion with buffer pad ? hypoallergenic material with pressure-relief padding for extra all-day wear comfort
  • Unique T-Bar construction - soft yet rigid to ensure headset remains comfortably in place
  • Noise-Cancelling microphone - directional microphone with a two-tier noise-cancelling system that filters out ambient noise for improved speech clarity
  • Flexible Boom Arm microphone - rotates 320° and ultra-flexible for optimal positioning
  • Sensitive Speakers - Danish designed magnet speaker system for superior sound quality and acoustic performance
  • Wideband sound - for superior audio quality and speech clarity
  • Quick Disconnect Cord - allows users to move freely around the workspace
  • Durability ? robust design and construction ensures years of comfortable wear
  • Connectivity - a choice of connection plugs makes the A-Series compatible with a variety of interfaces
  • Color: Metalic Grey
  • Connectivity: Quick Disconnect (QD) option
  • QD Cable. Strong and durable wiring to withstand daily bending.
  • Ear Cushion: Premium Leatherette with buffer pad
  • Microphone: Cardioid directional Knowles MEMS Mic Ultra Noise-Cancelling microphone
  • Noise-Cancellation: Two tier noise -cancelling system with ambient noise filter
  • Sensitivity: Low (E-LS)
  • Speaker: Danish Design High Definition Wideband. A highly  sensitivity neodymium magnet system for accurate sound reproduction and balanced audio.
  • Hearing Protection: Enhanced Protection
  • Anti-Acoustic Shock Protection: New Revolutionary Acoustic Technology. Meets international standards for ASP.
  • Acoustic Shock Protection 2: Sound Pressure balancing technology
  • EMI Shield: Comprehensive triple shield design
  • Wearing Style: Monaural
  • Audio Characteristics: High Definition, Ultra Clear, Wide response range
  • Speaker characteristics: Optimises accuracy in speech recognition
  • Speaker sensitivity: 85-90db
  • Listening Mode: One Ear
  • Frequency Response 150Hz-6800Hz
  • Sound Pressure: Less than 118db
  • Wiring: Kevlar/Shielded/anti-oxidant Tin Plated Copper
  • Weight: 255g incl. Packaging

Benertech's superior quality range of single sided headsets designed for intensive call centre and office environments.

Featuring quality Danish designed speakers with Neodymium magnet system for accurate sound reproduction and audio balance. Taking engineering and product design to new levels, these maximise the benefits of HD speakers to create a headset that excels in its class for performance.

Incorporating Benertech?s innovative audio technology to deliver speech clarity and an excellent audio experience, the A320 is crafted with the finest materials for improved productivity, user comfort and durability.

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