AV256 Cable LAN Home Network, HomeCNA - Coax to Ethernet Bridge, HomePNA 3.1 over Coax Cable

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The Corinex AV256 CableLAN Adapter provides connectivity at speeds of up to 256 Mbps over the home’s existing coaxial lines. Users will now be able to connect devices in areas of their home that were not reachable through wireless or Ethernet with no additional wiring required.
  • Easy Installation - It's easy to create a home network with Corinex Powerline Technology. HomeNet converts the electric wires in your home into a fast and reliable network in minutes
  • 200 Mbps - HomeNet Adpaters allow connections of up to 200 Mbps
  • Applications - Share files, photos and videos between your Computers, Home Theater Media Players, Digital Video Recorders and TV’s
  • Gaming - Network multiple gaming devices or enjoy high-speed online gaming
  • Share - Share Internet access anywhere in your home
  • Extend - Extend your network to cover wireless “Dead Zones”
Key Features
  • AV256 CableLAN port as Home Network Backbone by using existing Coaxial cables
  • PHY Rate: Up to 256Mbps over coax
  • Throughput: Up to 193Mbps over coax
  • 2x 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports for ADSL/Cable Modem and Ethernet terminal (PC, Set-top-box, gaming console).
  • Distance up to 1800m on AV256 CableLAN interface
  • Up to 10 clients per frequency band
  • 802.1p priority queue and Mapping Support
  • Full Plug and Play functionality
  • Implemented Power Saving Mode with lower power consumption (max 4.5 W)

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Gigabit Netzwerk über Koax Kabel - 500 Mbit/s G.HN Modem, HomeGrid ITU G.9960 G.hn über Koaxial Kabel, Computer Netzwerk über Koax Kabel (TV- oder BNC-Kamera-Kabel)

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