Corinex HD200 HomeNet Coax HD200 CableLAN Adapter (2x Adapter)

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Vernetzen Sie Ihr Computer-Netzwerk über die vorhandene Coax-Verkabelung , die Netzwerk Neuverkabelung ist hiermit hinfällig. Der HD200 Aapter wird einfach zwischen der Antennendose und TV-Gerät dazwischen geschaltet und stellt eine Netzwerkverbindung über die Coax Leitung bis zur nächsten Antennendose her. Die Installation ist kinderleicht, einfach einstecken und loslegen (Plug&Play)

2x Corinex HomeNet Coax HD200 CableLAN Adapter (1x RJ45 / F-Buchse)
2x Y-Adapter (1x Koaxial-Kupplung / 2x Koaxial-Stecker)
2x Antennen Anschlußkabel (F-Stecker / Koaxial-Kupplung)
2x Ethernet Patchkabel
1x Installation CD - Handbuch und Konfigurationsprogramm


The Corinex HD200 Wall Mount Adapter series is the latest edition to Corinex?s AV200 product family. Supporting transfer rates of up to 200Mbps, the Corinex HD200 CableLAN adapter has ample bandwidth to deliver multiple high definition video streams for IPTV service offerings while simultaneously delivering high speed internet access throughout an entire premise! The AV200 CableLAN technology by Corinex provides numerous networking possibilities with amazingly fast transfer rates up to 200 Mbps - real world multimedia network applications can be created without adding any new wiring.

In addition to the existing features and functionality of the AV200 series, the HD200 series of adapters provides the following new features:

  • Improved circuit sensitivity ? increases the ability of the CableLAN adapter to receive network data over longer distances.
  • Interchangeable AC interface connectors ? the adapter?s AC wall plug is interchangeable and can be replaced with a plug for a different region. Now, you can bring your CableLAN adapter when you travel, ensuring you have network capability without having to worry about the plug type
  • Power Saving Standby Mode/Auto Standby ? when not in use, pressing a button can put the adapter in standby mode, minimizing the unit?s power usage. The unit will automatically enter standby mode when no network data has been detected over a period of time.

The Corinex HD200 wall mount adapters allow users to create a high-speed local area network, without the need for new cabling. Users can connect the CableLAN adapters to virtually any electrical socket in their home or office to create a connection to the Coaxial network. The network can be
connected to an Internet gateway, such as an ADSL or cable modem, providing a convenient extension of the Internet to the Coaxial Network. Any ethernet-enabled device, such as a desktop computer, network printer, laptop computer, IPTV, or a security camera can connect to the Coaxial network.

Application priority levels are retained, ensuring that applications with real-time requirements, such as VoIP, streaming video, and multiplayer head-to-head games do not experience lag, frame loss, even if other users on the same network are downloading large files, websurfing or downloading and listening to MP3 songs.

Key Features

  • Autosensing 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet interface in full and half duplex transfer modes
  • Coaxial data rates up to 200Mbps with distances up to 1200m
  • DS2 Aitana Chipset
  • QoS ? Quality of Service management with 8-level priority queues, programmable priority-classification engine and priority markings to ensure correct traffic prioritization
  • Remote programmable notching, ensuring dynamic adaptability to comply with current and future global regulatory requirements
  • Powerful 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES and 3DES hardware encryption
  • Embedded TDMA architecture enables real time streaming of high quality audio/video for remote listening, home theatre, and VoIP applications
  • Built-in repeating capabilities for incresed coverage
  • Bridge Fordwarding Table for 64 MAC Addresses
  • 802.1 Q VLAN & Optimized VLANs
  • OFDM technology and powerful error correction system provides robust performance under harsh conditions in the electrical network
  • Integrated 802.ID Ethernet Bridge with Optimized Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Priority classification according to 802.1 P tags, IP coding (IPv4 or IPv6) or TCP source/destination ports
  • Optimized IGMP support for broadcast and multicast traffic
  • Configuration using an embedded web interface
  • Compatible with AV200 und Wireless-N BPL Access Gateway
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