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 Digium A22 offers an entry-level VoIP phone for Asterisk with Gigabit Ethernet speed at an incredible price-point. A22 supports 2 line registrations, has a beautiful 2.8" color LCD screen, and seamlessly integrates with the widely used Asterisk VoIP platform. An IP phone for the demanding, modern office, Digium A22 features HD Voice technology, which lends wideband audio to the hearing aid compatible handset and full-duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation. Use the phone hands-free by connecting a headset using the dedicated RJ9 or EHS ports.

Digium A22 provides future-proof speed with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. PoE support makes the A22 part of an efficient, high-speed network deployment. Digium's deep networking expertise shines through even in a budget-friendly phone like the A22, with features like advanced QoS control, 802.1x authentication, and NAT traversal.

Note: Digium A Series phones are intended for use with Asterisk. They are not supported for use with Switchvox. For Digium IP phones for use with Switchvox, see the Digium D Series.

Digium A22 IP Phone Specification:

Connectivity Type: IP/VoIP
Communications Protocol: SIP
Line Registrations: 2
Ethernet Ports: 2x 10/100/1000 Gigabit
PoE: yes
Additional Interfaces: RJ9 handset, RJ9 headset, EHS
Display: 2.8" color LCD
Speakerphone: full-duplex
Local Conferencing: 3-way

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