DuelAdapter Cradle EC-to-PCMCIA Adapter

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DuelAdapter Cradle - ExpressCard/34 to PCMCIA Adapter

Hinweis: Die Kompatibilität ist nicht bei allen Expresskarten Herstellern gewährleiste - siehe Liste !

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The DuelAdapter Cradle™ is designed to bring the functional and performance advantages of the latest generation of ExpressCards to computers with PCMCIA slots.

The DuelAdapter Cradle™ seamlessly converts input from new ExpressCard modules to a PCMCIA compatible format.

True "Plug-and-Play" Ease of Use
The DuelAdapter Cradle™ is easy to set up and use. No software driver is required. Once combined, the Cradle & ExpressCard may be inserted and removed from the PCMCIA slot without the need to reboot. Alternatively, the ExpressCard may be swapped in and out without removing the Cradle from the computer.

Fully Utilize the Latest ExpressCard Technology with PCMCIA Computers
ExpressCards offer many functionality and performance advantages. Users of computers with only PCMCIA slots can now realize these advantages without the need to upgrade their computers.

No Compromise in Speed
Data can be transferred at rates up to the full speed supported by the PCMCIA slot in the computer.

Key Features
No software driver needed
Enables "hot swapping" (insertion and removal of ExpressCards without the need to reboot computer)
Compact, low profile design
Broadly compatible
Works with standard ExpressCard/USB devices
Fits standard Type II PCMCIA or CardBus slots
Runs on Windows® and Mac OS X operating systems

System Requirements
Windows® XP, Vista
Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later
Standards Compliance
PC Card Standard 8.1
ExpressCard Standard 1.2
Module Size: 54 mm x 88 mm x 9 mm (2.1" x 3.5" x 0.4")
Weight: 18 grams (0.7 oz)
ExpressCard Compatibility
All standard USB electrical interface ExpressCards*
Cellular broadband cards
Memory cards
Modem cards
802.11a/b/g wireless LAN cards
Native PCI Express interface cards (i.e., Gig Ethernet, SATA, FireWire) are not supported.
Warranty and Support
1 year limited warranty
Free technical support
The DuelAdapter Cradle package contains the following:
DuelAdapter Cradle
Install Guide in English (A multilingual Install Guide is available from the Downloads & Guides page)
1-year limited warranty and support card

Product registration card

DuelAdapter Cradle - Sample list of PCI Express (not suppoted) ExpressCards
Manufacturer Description
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Belkin FireWire 800 ExpressCard
Belkin FireWire and USB 2.0 ExpressCard
Belkin FireWire ExpressCard
Belkin Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard
D-Link Xtreme N Notebook ExpressCard (DWA-643)
Linksys Gigabit ExpressCard Adapter
SIIG eSATA II 2-Port ExpressCard
SIIG FireWire 2-Port ExpressCard
SIIG FireWire 800 ExpressCard
Sonnos Tempo SATA Express 34
Startech 1 Port Serial ExpressCard (EC1S950)

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