ITS Telecom Pantel Piezo IP+SIP Video AV Kamera Türsprechanlage (921), Sensor Touch-on-Metal Taste, extra Vandalismusschutz, Aufputzmontage

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Touch on Metal-Oberflächentaster - IP+SIP Video AV Gegensprechanlage (PoE, Aluminiumgehäuse, vandalismussicher, wetterfest mit Schutzart IP55), Metallgehäuse

Kategorie: Outdoor Türtelefon

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  • Aluminum case
  • Piezo single button
  • Anti-vandal
  • Weather resistant
  • Outdoor/Indoor Installation
  • Speed dial button
  • IP+SIP Video (AV)

Access control IP Door phones for IP-based PBXs
Designed for pure IP environments
Central control on multiple doors
Remote opening from distant sites
Stylish and prestigious design
Live IP video streaming
Anti-vandal & weather resistant
steel housing
Protected against water droplets
and dust (IP55 and IP65* standard)
Electromagnetic compatibility for
industrial environments
Codec: PCMA, G723, G729, G722, G726

Complying with harsh environment standards
Protection Class IP55 is a standard that checks the device functionality in a dusty environment and splashed water durability.

IEC 61000-6-2 is a EU EMC Generic Immunity Standard that checks the device's behavior under Electric Discharge and Electronic magnetic interference both in its power lines and in its near surrounding.

Pancode IP sends real time video to your PC
ITS Telecom has added new items to our Pancode IP product family to support Video Over IP capturing. 
The Pantel VoIP/Pancode VoIP unit provides the video stream via the TCP/IP based network. Especially inside network video server generates an MPEG4 video at different resolutions, allowing for high quality monitoring while recording at a different image rate maximizing storage and transmission efficiency. In addition to network server supports DirectX 9.0 supporting viewer, which enable PC CPU resources to drop.

Feature Pancode VoIP Pantel VoIP
Integration with local LAN and VoIP networks x x
Authorized registration with existing VoIP switching system (Proxy) x x
Two different operation modes:
Standard ? for direct dialing to any destination number
Speed-dial ? for one-touch dialing to internal or external subscribers
x x
Automatic busy & disconnect detection x x
Door opening from any extension x x
Door opening from Bypass Switch button x x
Programmable day and night destinations x x
High quality speakerphone with separate volume control x x
Entry access code (supports up to ten codes) x x
Works in conjunction with card readers and security devices x x
Programming via Ethernet interface using a web-based GUI application x x
Acoustic echo canceller x x
Automatic gain control (AGC) x x
SRTP (encryption and authentication) x x
Support for video over VoIP (optional) x x
Smart looking durable design x x

Easy Installation
The Pancode VoIP/Pantel VoIP unit is connected to the VoIP PBX as a SIP extension or via any IP router (Network HUB, Switch etc). The unit powers the door lock, provided it is powered by an external supply and not PoE. Figure 4 details the unit schematic setup.

The contents of the Pancode VoIP/Pantel VoIP are as follows:
Pancode VoIP or Pantel VoIP unit
External 12V AC power supply
Ethernet cable
Installation C

Differences between 990 and 921:

is pantel with video that you can see the picture in the computer or smartphone, but you have to proactively enter to the camera.

921 is pantel with audio video integrated- it can call to ip video phone and transmit a picture to the telephone (also you can see the picture as in the 990)

Montageart: Aufputzmontage
Tür Merkmale: VoIP Video H.264 1 Button 2 Relay ONVIF Vandalismus geschützt
Versandgewicht: 1,10 Kg
Artikelgewicht: 1,05 Kg

- Video camera
- Weather & vandal resistance (Piezo systems)
 Audio Video integrated-Pancode IP

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