Kasda develops various broadband and home networking products for service providers and home users.
Founded in 2001, Kasda developed CPE xDSL modem exclusively for FTTH network, working close with ISP operators made us a leader in the most advanced xDSL technology.

In 2006, Kasda turned to focus on advanced Soho and home network technologies and to position in the global market, where today we have achieved customer’s satisfaction and trust among a variety of innovative devices covering wireless, Ethernet, powerline and 3G/4G, and also through our intensive R&D, efficient production, strict quality management and reliable instant technical support.

Kasda offers FTTH end solutions for ISP provider ,distributors and individuals with 7 categories devices including LTE, Wi-Fi router, GPON, ADSL, VDSL, Repeater and PLC

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