LAN DUALphone 3081 IP-DECT Basis (SIP/PSTN Leitung, ohne Handset *Bulkware* Multilingual: German, English etc.

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3+1 parallel calls : 3 VoIP + 1
8 handsets with 8 individual VoIP telephone numbers

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The DUALphone 3081 is a cordless DECT 2 in1 solution, which works both as a cordless SIP VoIP (internet) phone and as an ordinary cordless landline phone. The phone is designed and developed for both residential and SOHO use. With its timeless Scandinavian stylish design it fits into both the modern home and dynamic office environment.

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Enjoy the benefits brought by VoIP

  • A new technology to your home. Welcome the Voice-over-IP into your living place while enjoying the transfer of data and speech through internet. Say goodbye to the traditional high cost and bulky telecommunication system.
  • Why pay more? Save up to 80% of telephone charges, particularly for making long distance calls.
  • Make telephone calls without any hassles.
    With VoIP, the time-consuming switching of telephone connections involved in moving place no longer exist. Simply bring your personal VoIP phone and register to a PC network, then you can start your calls. Eliminates the use of cabling.
  • VoIP phone and fixed line phone in one. With our DUALphone system, there’s no need to replace your whole system straightaway. DUALphone 3081 supports 3 VoIP calls and 1 PSTN/landline call, all in one.
  • 4Steps2SIP auto configuration. With our specially designed 4Steps2SIP programme, just by 4 simple steps, you can finish your phone setup and get ready to use.

Advantages to end user

  • Cordless VoIP phone and fixed line phone in one
  • Superior sound quality
  • Easy to set up – Easy to use (4Step2SIP)
  • Multi line functionality with 8 handsets
  • 4 parallel calls (3 VoIP and 1 fixed line call)
  • Built in PBX functions
  • Colour MMI as with ICONS
  • Upgradeable phone software
    (adaptive to the changing VoIP world)
  • Range 300m
  • 200 contact list
  • Base share contact list
    (all handsets can see these numbers)

Technical Specifications

• 1 x LAN: RJ45 (Ethernet)
• Power: Gateway 12 V DC , 5 V DC: Charger
• Ethernet: 1 x IEE 802.3 10 Mbps
• Headphone jack (2.5 mm)

User Interface
• Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors and backlit
• 12 key numerical keypad; 5-key navikey;
2 soft keys; 2 hook keys;
Sidekeys (vol+/-, speakerphone)
• Caller-ID
• Message waiting indication
• Address book (170 entries)
• Speed dialling
• Local dial plan
• Lists of missed, received and dialled calls
(20 entries)
• Call waiting indication
• Clock, daylight saving, call timer
• Menu-driven user interface
• Polyphonic ring tone selection
• Speakerphone
• Auto answer (when handset is lifted from charger)
• Key lock option
• Battery charge level indicator

Audio Features
• Mute (disable microphone – softkey activation)
• Receiver volume control – 6 levels
Seperate settings for
a) hands free and b) headset/earpiece
• Ringer volume – 6 levels + off
(silence ringer-icon will be displayed)
• Key sounds – click, DTMF and special tones
• Low battery & out of range audible warnings

Call Features
• Hold
• Call transfer (Attended and Blind);call hold SIP;
• Music on hold support (only via PBX)
• Divert
• Conferencing (2 handsets + 1 VoIP)
+ (1 handset + 2 VoIP); One conference at a time.
• Call park, call pick-up (only via PBX)
• Call waiting/switching between calls
• Redialling
• 3 concurrent VoIP Calls (SIP 2.0 – RFC3261)
• 8 handsets; Only 6 alerting handsets at a time.
• Intercom – handset to handset via gateway
• Call forward all, on busy, on no answer
(support for soft switch)
• Caller ID with name from phonebook
• Voice mail support (reception and handling of voice mail indication, and call to voice mail server)

Web Server
• Embedded web server HTTP
• Easy configuration of the phone, remote configuration
• Password protection

Codecs , Audio
• G.711 (64 kbps, A-law & u-law)
• G.729AB
• iLBC (Internet Low Bit Rate CODEC)
(RFC 3951/RFC 3952)

• RFC3261 compliance
• Digest/basic authentication
• DNS SRV (RFC3263), redundant server support
• Offer/answer (RFC3264)
• Message Waiting Indication
(RFC3842), subscription for MWI events (RFC3265)
• DTMF sending in call (in band, info message and RFC2833)
• STUN Client (NAT Traversal)
• rport (RFC3581) REFER (RFC3515)
• 8 SIP registrations with one SIP server/registrar
• SIP configuration via http-page or from handset

The phone can be configured in 3 ways:

Installations Guide (Bedienungsanleitung)
• English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Francais, Danks, Svenska

  • 4 Steps to SIP
    First time the phone is connected to the internet, it connects to the RTX configuration server and a dynamic list of service providers in different countries is presented in the display. Now the user can select the approved VoIP service provider, enter user name and password and the DUALphone 3081 is ready to use.
  • Auto Provisioning
    If the phone is supplied through a VoIP service provider using “Auto provisioning”, the Dualphone 3081?s is redirected by the RTX configuration server to the VoIP service providers provisioning server for auto provisioning.
  • Local Web-interface
    The phone can also be manually configured by local web-interface.

    YouTube Video - SHARK DualPhone 3081

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