Octasic SoftEcho, Echo Cancellation Software Supporting DAHDI Driver

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SoftEcho is an Echo Cancellation (EC) software plug-in for end-user voice applications up to 16 channels. Powered by Octasic's innovative and industry-proven Acoustic and Line EC algorithms, SoftEcho ensures excellent sound quality in all audio environments, even those with disruptive background noise.

About Octasic SoftEcho:

SoftEcho Echo Cancellation Software

Optimized for Integration with Asterisk®

1. Simple to integrate module
2. Auto-tuning algorithm
3. No adjustments necessary

Demonstrated Superior Results

1. Superior voice quality
2. Optimal performance
3. Shorter time-to-market
4. Eliminates support calls from your customers

Line Echo Cancellation (LEC) for IP PBX

Channel Density

1. Supports up to 16 channels

LEC Features

1. Up to 128ms echo tail
2. Transparent algorithm
3. Dial Tone & Digit Transparency
4. G.168-2004 compliant

Performance Metrics

1. CPU Usage: Approximately 5% on a low-end machine (1GHz, Celeron)
2. Space of code on disk: 200Kbytes
3. Space of code in RAM (text size): 85Kbytes
4. Dynamic space in RAM: 240Kbytes per channel

SoftEcho for Asterisk

Linux Application

1. Connects to DAHDI
2. No need to upgrade
3. Independent of kernel version
4. Installation guidelines provided
5. Performance diagnostic tools available
6. Voice Quality diagnostic tools available
7. Voice, noise and signal levels
8. Voice detected

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