OpenVox A800P01 8 Port Analog PCI card + 1 FXO module

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OpenVox A800P is an 8-port analog card. User could choose any of combinations of OpenVox FXO-100 or FXS-100 modules according to the business requirements. The photo above is an A800P44. A800P44 has 4 FXS100(green) and 4 FXO100(red) modules pre-installed.

Key Features:

  1. Firmware accelerate I/O access achieve high stability and highly decreased cpu payload (1 pcs of A800P with 8 modules installed use less CPU cycle than 1 pcs of TDM400P with 4 modules installed
  2. Excellent choice of upgrade your TDM400P based
    system to A800, achieve 64 port density or more in one PC, and protect your investment by directly make use of your investment on modules of TDM400P.
  3. Easy to use : Module Pin to Pin compatible with X100M and S100M.
  4. Rohs compliant.
    A800P is CE and FCC part 15 approved.

Five Year Warranty!

Certified by trixbox CE and Elastix

Gateway & Interface Merkamle: FXO
Ports: 8 Ports
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