OpenVox FD142 4 Port Digital T1/E1/PRI/BRI + 2 Ethernet Port, standard 1U Failover Appliance

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Up to 4 Port Digital T1/E1/PRI/BRI Interface, standard 1U Failover Appliance

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FD142 is a 4-port E1/T1/BRI interface and 2 Ethernet port failover appliance. It can better protect the unpredictable problems happen to the Asterisk PBX. It will provide an effective way to backup the Asterisk PBX when undesirable changes are detected (often when Asterisk fails or power-off of the system).

FD142 provides a reliable and flexible solution to Asterisk PBX.

FD142 is controlled through an Asterisk loadable module This module keeps sending “running” signal to redundant server when Asterisk is running. Once Asterisk is down or system power is cut off, the module will not be able to send out the “running” signal to FD142 and thus it will automatically switch to the redundant server.

Technical Specifications

  • 4 E1 / T1 / BRI ports and 2 Ethernet ports
  • Easy installation; uses USB to connect computer or server
  • Industry standard USB type B connector
  • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
  • Two power supply indicator lights
  • Support the BRI or PRI circuit connection 
  • Supports multiple FD142 devices in one system 
  • Rack/Wall Mountable
  • Supports hardware watchdog
  • Low power consumption, takes power from USB bus
  • Fully supports Asterisk (Version1.2/1.4/1.6)
  • Dimension: 44cm*6.6cm*4.5cm 
  • Weight: 1458g
  • Support up to 4 Port Digital T1/E1/PRI/BRI + 2 Ethernet Port 
  • Support multiple FD10 devices in one system
  • Support all compatible PRI and BRI interface cards
  • Unique highlight:1 USB power supply
  • Five Year Warranty


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