Patton SmartNode SN4112S mit 2 Analog FXS Ports, Fax Gateway (3CX certified for Auto Provisioning, certified)

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Konfigurieren per Auto Provisioning des VoIP-Gateways Patton SN4112 für die 3CX. NFON IP- Telefonanlagen

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Konfigurieren per Auto Provisioning des VoIP-Gateways Patton SN4112 für die 3CX-PBX

Patton SmartNode 4112 Dual FXS VoIP Gateway, Small
  • 2 FXS ports - Compact, reliable stand-alone VoIP gateway with different port options. Supports simultaneous voice or fax calls on all ports.
  • Advanced Local Call Switching--Virtual interfaces and routing tables provide industry leading flexibility in call handling programming. Local call switching, soft fallback to alternative routes. Simultaneously connects to multiple SIP services/IP PBXs.
  • Complete SIP and T.38 support-Supports the complete range of industry standard VoIP: SIP, H.323, T.38 fax, fax and modem handling, DTMF relay. Codecs G.729, G.723, etc.
  • Easy Management & Provisioning--Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface. Automated mass provisioning for efficient large-scale deployments.
  • Outstanding Interoperability--Proven integration for voice and T.38 fax with 3CX®, Asterisk?, PingTel? and other leading IP PBX systems and soft switch vendors.
  • Supported by SmartNode? Redirection Service: A free service enabling zero-touch mass deployments for Service Providers and Distributors with auto-provisioning servers.

The business-class SmartNode 4110 VoIP Media Gateway supports up to eight transparent phone calls and leverages VoIP for carrier and corporate access. Connecting to any analog phone, fax, or PBX, the SN4110 is an effective and flexible solution for toll-bypass, remote/branch office voice connectivity, and enhanced carrier services.

The SN4110 Series is the perfect choice for phone-to-IP connectivity supporting up to 2 FXS ports. With its FXS analog ports, the SN4112S connects to any legacy telephone or PBX and provides dial-tone, ringing, and caller-ID. Flexible call integration allows per-port telephone numbers, programmable call progress tones, and distinctive ringing. With Telephony-over-IP (ToIP) call switching, calls can automatically select the least-cost-route while providing flexible numbering plans and end-to-end feature transparency. PPPoE, DHCP, and VLAN offers universal IP connectivity and optional IPsec?VPN with AES/3DES guarantees secure voice over the public network.

Patton?s SmartNode SN4110 Series delivers the legacy phone interfaces, service transparency.

Remote Office/Branch Office Voice Extension and Access
In enterprise networks, transparent access to PBX features while using existing equipment is key to low-cost operations. Now, instead of installing a separate PBX at the remote office, the SmartNode 4110 Series is able to provide transparent extension while simultaneously connecting multiple locations. The extensions can be managed centrally and benefit from PBX?services such as calling groups, least cost routing, and call forwarding. PSTN?access allows local calls to be processed without using corporate remote PBX resources. ?Additionally, the corporate PBX can break-out and bypass any long distance charges by using the remote office for the local gateway.

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SN4112S/JS/EUI - SmartNode Dual FXS VoIP Gateway, Small, 1x10/100baseT, H.323 and SIP, External UI Power.

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3CX Auto-Provisioning Configuration Guide of Fax VoIP-Adapter (Patton-SN4112 with 2x FXS Analog Ports)

Patton SmartNode SN4112/JS/EUI Fax-/VoIP-Gateway mit easybell einrichten

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