Pika WARP2 for Asterisk Telephony Appliance (incl. 1 FXS)

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Asterisk and FreePBX pre loaded

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Asterisk and FreePBX pre loaded

The PIKA WARP telephony appliance is ideal for developers looking for a small, low cost computer replacement to deploy applications in the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and Small/Medium Enterprises (SME) markets. Completely customizable, it is compatible with VoIP phones as well as analog sets. Unlike your typical computer or appliance, PIKA has covered all your customer?s traditional telephony requirements. Music on Hold (MOH) and Paging can be cumbersome to add to a data centric solution as is power failure transfer (PFT), but all are included in the PIKA appliance. The configuration of the appliance is modular and can include up to 9 ports of a combination of FXO/FXS/BRI/GSM plus VoIP stations and trunks. The appliance is designed to address businesses with up to 100 users.

PIKA WARP telephony appliances come packaged with various levels of enablement, depending on your development expertise and end product requirements.

As a LINUX development platform, you have the most flexibility to customize and add your own telephony application. With Asterisk included on the WARP appliance, you have the basic PBX functionality to start with and can customize by adding your own Asterisk-based components and GUI.

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