BMSA-T2-5 RS422/485 Schnittstellen-Überspannungsschutz/Blitzschutz-Ableiter für industrielle Steuer- und Regelungstechnik

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Überspannungsschutzgerät für RS422/485-Schnittstelle

Kategorie: Überspannungsschutz

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Control Signal SPD is connected in series to the input end of protected equipment. When the transmission line is stricken by lightning, the lightning current will be discharged to the ground through the lightning branch circuit, and the over-voltage will be clamped into an accepted voltage range of the equipment, which protects equipment. The product can be used in the protection of the industrial control network, RS422/485 interface, automatic control and instrumentation lines, data lines, telephones, facsimile apparatus, and other equipment, as well as the sensors and secondary meters in the circuit loop; meanwhile, it can suppress induced lightning strokes from signal lines to prevent system equipment being damaged.
  • Rated Working Voltage( Uo): 5V
  • DC Max Continuous Operating Voltage( Uc): 6V
  • AC Max Continuous Operating Voltage( Uc): 4.8V
  • Max working current (IL): 0.5A
  • D1 Total Impulse discharge current (10/350µs)(Iimp): 3kA
  • D1 Impulse discharge current (10/350µs)(Iimp): 1.5kA
  • Total nominal discharge current (Itotal): 20kA
  • Nominal discharge current (In): 10kA
  • Voltage protection level wire-wire D1(UP): =30V
  • Voltage protection level wire-PE D1(UP): =30V
  • Voltage protection level wire-wire 1kV/us C3(UP): =20V
  • Voltage protection level wire-PE 1kV/us C3(UP): =20V
  • Response Time(tA): =1ns
  • Insertion Loss(10MHz): =0.5dB
  • Impedance in series: 2.2O
  • Transmission rate: 10Mbps
  • Relative Humidity: =95%(25?)
  • Working temperature range(TU): -40?---+80?
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa...106kPa
  • Terminal crimping wire range: 0.3mm²~2.5mm²/13AWG-28AWG
  • Housing material: Aluminum/UL V-0
  • Degree of protection(IP code): IP20
  • Installation methods: Optional with DIN 35mm rail
  • Identification: CE, RoHS

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