VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway is an Asterisk-based IP gateway

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Our message: infinite messages
VoiSmart SMS is an Asterisk-based IP Gateway which allows you to send and receive high volumes of SMS traffic in the simplest and most efficient way. It's a true black box, which can be reached as an IP address, ready to be configured as a Mail server or a POP3 client. It allows multiple RX/TX (from 4 to 32 simultaneously active GSM channels, in different case configurations).

No extra hardware to be added, no installation effort, no technical skills: a real plug-andearn device, designed to make your business immediately running. Easy to be integrated with professional SMS management systems, it's also a all-in-one system to start sending and receiving SMSs from the most popular mailing applications (Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.).

Professional Asterisk for Professionals
Powerful and versatile, think of it as a pure node in the network. VoiSmart IP SMS Gateway is the building brick on which you will rely to implement high profile solutions, as well as the next door to the world of message communication.
    Features at a glance
  • Configurable either as Mail Server or POP3 Client
  • Fully transparent towards legacy systems
  • All in one: no extra HW or SW needed
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to install
  • Simultaneous operation on multiple channels (4 to 32)
  • Based on Open Source (Asterisk)
  • Allows broadcasting of SMSs
  • Unicode support for foreign alphabets
  • Gives you freedom of choosing your provider
  • Makes you master your business: no more campaigns to be subscribed and planned in advance!
  • High efficiency thanks to multiple channels operation

    Technical Features

  • VoIP optimized motherboard
  • Linux OS, SW based on Asterisk
  • 4 to 32 active SIMs simultaneously (one vGSM card every 4 SIMs)
  • Aluminum case, compact, fanless (for basic 1 vGSM version, max 4 SIM)
  • Fully configurable for the integration towards external applications

    SMS side:
  • Send and receive messages on multiple channels simultaneously
  • Multinumbering format supported
  • Multipart supported, for messages longer than 160 characters
  • Support for SMS delivery verification
  • Support for Unicode for foreign alphabets (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, ecc.)
  • Multiple network connections supported
  • SMTP and POP3 supported in native mode

    vGSM card features:
  • Compatible with European, US, Brazil and Japan GSM networks (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Up to 4 SIMs per card, multiprovider
  • Scalable architecture (in 19? rack configuration) up to 32 GSM channels (8 x vGSM cards simultaneously active)
  • External interface: 4 SMA/F 50 Ohm antenna connectors
  • Radio interface: triband GSM (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), phase 2/2+ compliant , class: Small MS, Output power: Class 4 (2W) in EGSM 900, Class 1 (1W) in GSM 1800 and GSM 1900
  • SMS: supports MT, MO, CB, text and PDU
  • SIM: supports SIM card (3V)
  • Performance: voice interfaces on 4 GSM channels (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)

    Physical Data:
  • 110 ? 240V CA, output +12V CC, 1,2A max (15W max)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 7 x 20 cm (basic model)
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Temperature: from 0 to 40° C
  • Humidity: from 10 to 95%, noncondensing

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