Gigabit POE Überspannungsschutz/Blitzschutz für Hutschiene / DIN Rail 35mm (, at, LTPoE++ up to 90W)

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Description of products
POE Surge Protector Series is used for protection of the interface circuit of high speed Ethernet. It is connected in the input end of protected equipment. When the transmission line is struck by lightning, the lightning current is discharged to the earth by lightning branches, and the lightning overvoltage is clamped within a proper range, thus the security of equipment being ensured.

Product feature

  • Total Maximum discharge current(Imax) 20kA(8/20µs
  • POE power supply part with thermal protection
  • Low limit voltage
  • Small insertion loss
  • Data transmission rate up to 1000Mbps
  • Small volume,easy installation

Installation and maintenance
1 Installation method
1.1 Firstly, put system signal lines connected to the surge protector's input terminal, and the output terminal connected to the protection devices end, not allowed to be anti-line, also need to ensure the RJ45 connector joint part have reliable touch.
1.2 Making the earthing conductor of surge protector connected to the nearest protecting earthing busbar or the equipment's metal shell.

2 Notes
2.1 First, checking the connection between surge protector's earth wire and ground network whether meet requirements.
2.2 Surge protector's enclosure marked IN and OUT, the connection between output terminal and the device to be protected is not allowed to be anti-line. Otherwise, it will damage surge protector, and can't protect the equipment effectively.
2.3 User can't dismantle the fastener of surge protector casually, so as not to affect the normal operation of the product.
2.4 After the surge protector connected to system, once found the system don't work normally. However, it can be worked normally after remove the surge protector,may have problem on choice of surge protector, need to replace it.

SPD category: Type2
Rated Working Voltage (Uo): 48V
DC Max Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc): 58V
AC Max Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc): 35V
Max working current (IL): 1A
C2 Total nominal discharge current (8/20µs)(Itotal): 1.2kA
C2 nominal discharge current (8/20µs)per wire(In): 0.3kA
Total nominal discharge current C2-PE(Itotal): 20kA
Nominal discharge current per wire C2-PE(In): 2.5kA
Voltage protection level wire-wire C2(UP): =120V
Voltage protection level wire-PE C2(UP): =1000V
Voltage protection level wire-wire 1kV/usC3(UP): =90V
Voltage protection level wire-PE 1kV/usC3(UP): =600V
Response Time(tA): =1ns
Transmission rate: 1000Mbps
Insertion Loss(100MHz): =1.0dB
Impedance in series: =0.5O
Protected pin: 1/2;3/6;4/5;7/8
POE power supply: 1,2-3,6 or 4,5-7,8 (Total 95W)
Relative Humidity: =95%(25°C)
Working temperature range(TU): -40°---+80°C
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa...106kPa
Wiring methods: RJ45(shield)
Port numbers: in-1×RJ45;out-1×RJ45
Housing material: Aluminum
Installation place: Indoor
Degree of protection(IP code): IP20
Installation methods: DIN 35mm rail

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