digium D70 with icon key IP Phone, 6-line, Designed for Asterisk & Switchvox

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  • Crystal Clear HDVoice
  • Simple setup and installation
  • Tightest integration with Asterisk
  • Built-in & custom applications
  • Best value in phones
An HDVoice, PoE phone with 6-line keys and 10 digital, rapid dial buttons with real-time status information and busy lamp field indicators for 100 of your most important contacts. Designed for administrators or executives.

Announcing Phones
Digium executives discuss innovative new IP phones

Complement your Asterisk solution
Completely customize your end-to-end phone system using Digium’s Asterisk Open Source software and the Digium phones exclusively built for Asterisk. Take advantage of the App Engine. More than XML pages, Digium phone apps can interface directly with core phone features.

Tightly Integrate with Switchvox
Extend the power of Switchvox to your desk phone with this complete business phone system. With no touch installation and intuitive built-in apps you can easily manage and customize your caller’s experience directly on your desktop phone.

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