ALLO SPARKY QUAD Single Board Computer (SBC), Quad Core CortexA9, Speed 1.3GHz, H.264, 1080p@60fps, support Android, Linux

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Powerfull and affordable Single board computer

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  • CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core Processor at 1.1GHz
  • Display: HDMI, MIPI
  • 1080p@60fps HD decoding capability
  • USB 3.0 on OTG, USB 2.0
  • Expansion Shields ready (Piano DAC, Piano DAC 2.1, ALLO Volt AMP, ALLO Volt+ AMP, Kali, Cheapo DAC, GIGA, LCD, Camera, eMMC, etc.)
  • Ethernet: On board Single Ethernet port 10/100Mbps
  • External Storage: Micro SD up to 32GB and eMMC slot up to 64GB for storing information and loading operating systems
  • Connector: 40 pin connector (Raspberry Pi compatible) to enhance your ?real world? projects or connect the shields
  • 50 Pin Telecom Connector
  • Power: The board uses up to 10W of power and can be powered from the USB connector, or a separate 3.7V / 3500mAh battery power supply
  • Supports Linux & Android
The ALLO Sparky Single Board Computer (SBC) is a credit card-sized board that can be used as a standalone computer, in electronics projects, games, and also in many other applications. A true open hardware, community-supported embedded computer for developers and hobbyists. The Sparky SBC has all the functionality of a basic computer.

Sparky is a highly integrated SBC, based on ARM application processor. The Sparky SBC currently supportsLinux and Android operating system. It is the best choice for developing customized products as it provides an open, strong and friendly system development platform. Some of the applications are Internet Of Things (IoT), Tablet, Smart TV, Net Book, Game Console, POS machine etc.

Sparky also provides the flexibility to use any of the Raspberry PI add-on boards currently available. we also offer the following add-on boards, like Piano Hi-Fi DAC, Volt AMP, Cheapo DAC, GIGA dual Ethernet, Telecom Analog Shield and GSM Shield.

With over a decade of embedding experience, our team is constantly helping application developers to port their new and exciting software to our Sparky SBC

Info (02.06.2017)
Spraky run on ubuntu 12.04 customer can install freeswitch and use as small PBX .
We also tested with (elastix IPPBX solution ),Allo have ready image for sparky,
IPPBX with 4 port GSM solution -: if you plan to use Sparky & 4 port GSM ,Allo can support you with an image & procedure to integrate freePBX GUI.  

Technical Specifications
CPU ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core Processor at 1.1GHz
Ethernet 1 port fast ethernet, 10/100 Mbits
HDMI 1 port
eMMC Supports 8/16/32/64 Gigabyte Module (Plugable)
uSD Supports 8/16/32 Gigabyte Module
DDR 1GB, 2GB (optional) Memory support
RPI On board 40 Pin Raspberry PI card connector
USB 2.0 2 Port Host
USB 3.0 1 Port USB (OTG) Host
GPU PowerVR SGX544, 500Mhz
Display Resolution 1080p @ 60fps
Uext Uext connector board (optional)
IR 1 port infrared interface
LCD 34 Pin LCD connector
Camera 24 pin 5Mpixel Camera interface
NAND Flash Optional
Power microUSB 5V 2A
Telecom Connector 50 Pin Telecom Connector
Operating Temperature 0 to 70°C
Board Size LWH = 95mm * 58mm * 16mm
Board Weight


Operating System Support



One of the main advantages of SPARKY are the add-on boards also called Shields that can convert SPARKY into a finished ready to use finished product. Accessories *Only Piano Hi-Fi DAC is HAT compliant.

Support & Downloads


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