VoiSmart vGSM PCI card (2 GSM Channel)

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VoiSmart vGSM board is the first 100% Asterisk compatible PCI bus card, for multiple channel (up to twin) GSM communication management. (with Siemens GSM Module for excellent voice quality)

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PCI Bus 2x GSM (with Siemens GSM Module for excellent voice quality)
100% Asterisk Compatible

VoiSmart vGSM PCI card is the first 100% Asterisk compatible PCI bus card, for multiple channel (up to twin) GSM communication management.
This board allows systems integrators to transform highly priced fixed to mobile voice traffic into a much cheaper mobile to mobile call management, with considerable savings.

No external gateways needed.
100% compatible with EU and US GSM networks (900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz) and
with Brazil and Japan networks.

SMS are handled in native modality, thanks to a new Asterisk application for messages TX and RX, available free together with this board.

VoiSmart vGSM PCI card is supplied with GPL open source drivers, it is compatible with all Linux / Asterisk systems, managing kernel versions from 2.6.x onwards.

The antenna is external.

    Technical Specifications:
  • Maximum SIMs: 2
  • Linux / Asterisk 100% compatible (kernel from 2.6.x onwards)
  • Free open source GPL drivers supplied with the board
  • External antenna
  • PCI bus
  • Native SMS TX / RX management

You can find latest news and docs on Voismart Open Source website

Currently exists drivers for the card itself (kernel space) providing 2 tty interfaces for the "signalling" part and a channel driver for the popular Asterisk OpenSource PBX.

  • Bus Type : PCI 2.2 compliant
  • Irq Request levels : Allocated by PCI BIOS
  • IO base addr (hex) : Allocated by PCI BIOS
  • Dimensions in mm : 154mm x 107mm (PCB) , 164mm x 129mm inc. SIM holder,bracket,connectors
  • Plug&Play : yes
  • External Interface : 2 x SMA/F 50 Ohm antenna connectors
  • Radio Interface : tri band GSM (900/1800/1900) , phase 2/2+ compliant, class: Small MS, Tx Power: Class 4 (2w) at EGSM 900 Class 1 (1w) at GSM 1800 and GSM 1900
  • SMS : MT, MO, CB, Text and PDU mode
  • SIM Interface : Supported SIM card: 3V
  • Performance : 2 channels GSM (900/1800/1900) voice interface
Where I can download the software?
The sofware is based on Asterisk vISDN , see vISDN website.

You can download a recent snapshoot from the snapshots page.

Installing the package is pretty simple.

  • be sure to have asterisk installed (along with headers files))
  • be sure to have kernel headers installed, to be able to compile kernel modules ( kernel must be > 2.6.11 )
  • in visdn src dir, just do ./configure ; make ; make install
  • cp samples/30-visdn.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d (if asterisk is running as non-root, change the above file to set the right devices permissions. You can check an alternative rules file HERE )
  • copy samples/vgsm.conf and vgsm_operators.conf to you asterisk conf dir, normally /etc/asterisk
  • edit the vgsm.conf according to the SIMs present into the board
  • load the kernel modules : modprobe visdn_vgsm ; modprobe visdn_streamport ; modprobe visdn_timer_system
  • start asterisk :)
  • with "show vgsm interfaces" you should see each interface status ( Example )
  • with "show vgsm interfaces _interface_name_" you should see the detailed info of the interface selected ( Example )
  • to dial out, just write into the dialplan : exten => _33.,1,Dial(VGSM/_interface_name_/${EXTEN})
Sample vgsm.conf
  • Here you can find a find a sample vgsm.conf

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