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The Teltonika cellular LTE router offers significant price advantages over comparable competitor products for networking machines and industrial processes with globally available, public cellular networks. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Akuvox R20B Certified for outdoor usage and easy to install, Akuvox R20B is a compact SIP video door phone with up to 5 call buttons. It is typically used in villas, houses and apartment buildings. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Throughout the years, more and more applications and solutions require more bandwidth; therefore, networking devices have to be able to evolve together with changing demands of IoT and enterprise markets. Besides, there are limited options when it comes to providing powerful, reliable, and fast connectivity to the Internet for your equipment and solutions when they are based in remote locations. So, what can you do? All these questions and doubts can be answered by Teltonika Networks newest enterprise cellular router– the RUTX12 ! This device is designed for solutions where throughput and uninterruptible connectivity is a must. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Full HD, Wide Viewing Angle with NDI, ONVIF, RTSP, RTM, GB/T28181 Network Protocol and Multiple Audio/Video Compression (Support H.264/H.265 video compression; AAC, MP3 and PCM audio compression) - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Flyingvoice FIP16 is a color, cordless IP phone with ultra-compact design. It equipped with 1.8" 128x160 TFT LCD screen, and supports 1 SIP account, wireless network connection, HD voice and more. FIP16 allows users unbind themselves from their desk and move freely and efficiently throughout the work environment. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at the beginning of 2020 has brought unseen challenges to the global economies. This is undoubtedly the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment, and it would not be possible without important technology and connectivity advancements that happened over the last few decades. However, even with widespread broadband and cellular connectivity, businesses must take extra steps to make sure their workforces are not only connected to the Internet but also use the right equipment. It is essential to make sure that devices used can prevent cybersecurity threats and integrate with enterprise systems that would otherwise stay within office walls. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Flyingvoice FIP14G is a 8-line Gigabit E IP phone ideal for small to medium-size businesses. Features built-in Wi-Fi and PoE, works with the commonly IP PBX platforms to deliver simple audio conferencing - Voice over IP Distribution Company

The new N670 IP PRO single cell from Gigaset is a professional IP DECT base station that can withstand the growing demands of your business. It enables up to 20 DECT users to make calls conveniently and 8 calls simultaneously. This means that you are always ready for action. The N670 IP PRO can access both local and cloud-based IP telephone services. Easy setup and configuration: The cell can be easily set up using automatic zero-touch provisioning. - Voice over IP Distribution Company

Akuvox R28A is a new member of Akuvox smart intercom family, which features a 4.3" LCD color display and H.265 video coedc Check out its top features - click here . - Voice over IP Distribution Company

The latest addition to TELTONIKA's range of high-performance 4G routers, the RUTX11. It is designed for mobile applications such as trains, buses, trucks, boats, etc. It stands out from the other products in the range with 4G/LTE communication up to 300 Mbps, 802.11ac WiFi communication at 867 Mbps and 4 WAN/Ethernet Gigabit ports. Another important point is the support of the 700 MHz or B28 band in 4G/LTE communication. The lower the frequency, the better its range, and the better its penetration into buildings.