Router & Switch

The router serves as the endpoint of a central network infrastructure. To provide a secure Internet or network connection in electronic data processing, communication networks of IP telephony or industrial communication networks - Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 the network technology for your company.

A router is responsible for the IPv4/IPv6IP address assignment of the public IP addresses assigned by the provider and a local IP addresses (Internet Protocol) and forwards the data traffic e.g. to servers, clients, PCs or internet.

Fail-safe Internet
We sell business routers for professional business solutions or in extremely harsh environments that automatically switch to LTE (fallback) and VPN connectivity in an Internet failover scenario. High-availability routers make an Internet backup line immediately available to the horror scenario of any company "Internet away" in the event of an Internet failure. The professional NavigateWorx NR500-Series 3G & 4G industrial routers support two SIM card slots to use different providers at the same time, thus avoiding connection failures.

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