Ethernet over Coax

Powerline data transmission via coaxial cable - Ethernet over Coax (EoC)

With the CoaxLAN system, you use your existing antenna cable, thus eliminating the need for expensive installation work (costs). The Internet is "put on" the antenna cable via its router and the coaxLAN master, and a coaxLAN modem is installed on the antenna sockets. Now you have a LAN or a LAN / WLAN signal available. The coaxLAN system works with 100Mbit net ports and with WLAN with the MIMO technology (up to 300Mbit).
This system is ideal for use at home or for hotels, pensions, clinics, etc. - up to 6 modems with the Homemaster CLM6 or up to 253 modems with the CLM253 master. For the 500Mbit point to point transmission the Master 500 and the SLAVE 500 are used, which often comes with fiber optic connections. Of course there are also products for internet monitoring, IP address management, speed limit, VLAN, several SSID's etc. at coaxLAN. For more information, please request by email.
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