Teltonika TRB142 RS232 (RS485 / Ethernet) LTE Industrial Remote Embedded-Board for Linux

22.11.2018 17:33

Introducing TRB142 the first product in Teltonika new series of devices TRB. TRB is series of industrial gateways which are very compact and cost-efficient.

Teltonika TRB142 industrial LTE Cat 1 gateway which comes equipped with RS232 interface, Inputs and outputs and micro USB interface. It’s compact design makes this devices perfect for application where a single devices must be connected to internet. TRB142 is designed to be used in industrial applications therefore it is equipped with wide range of software features such as SMS control, Firewall, Open VPN, IPsec and RMS support.

Most demanding users will be able to do full customization of the device as well as integrate applications in to the device since the firmware of this device runs in Linux environment and full SDK is provided.

Further TRB interface boards with RS485 and Ethernet interface will follow soon.

  • Teltonika TRB140 Ethernet - LTE industrial remote embedded board
  • Teltonika TRB142 RS232- LTE industrial remote embedded board
  • Teltonika TRB145 RS485 - LTE industrial remote embedded board

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