Beward DKS15122 SIP Intercom 2mm Fisheye Lens IP66 Waterproof, IK10 Vandal-resistant housing, extreme weather environments (-50° to +60° Celsius - IP66 protection class)

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HAN: DKS15122

1.3 MP, 1/3 "' SONY Exmor, 2 mm lens, SIP protocol, IR illumination (up to 10 m), audio duplex, RFID Mifare ID, intelligent echo cancellation, anti-vandal performance, -50 to + 60 ° C, IP66 Protection class. Separate porter call and SOS emergency call key for emergencies and digit keypad

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  • Intelligent Echo Cancellation
  • Vandal-proof execution
  • Separate emergency call and concierge button
  • RFID Mifare ID Support
  • 1.3 megapixel video transmission
  • Duplex audio
  • SIPv2 protocol support
  • IR illumination up to 10 meters
  • Operating temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° ?
  • Support 9999 subscribers
  • 8500 RFID Keys
  • Opening a door using an individual subscriber code
  • RFID key registration by individual subscriber code
  • 5 call directions per subscriber
  • Ability to call up to 600 subscribers via coordinate matrix analog networks (option)
  • Backup storage for 8500 RFID keys and 1500 codes in case of firmware or reboot IP doorphone
  • Removable memory with all settings (USB, pre-installed)
  • Installed microSDHC card at least 4 GB, recording to a memory card
  • Willingness to develop basic functionality 1 second after power is supplied
    (access to the entrance, call to analog handsets)
  • Frost-resistant 8 character LED display
  • Tamper switch
  • Ability to connect an additional door and a 1-Wire reader for it
  • Possibility of remote control of entrance lighting

Multi-site IP intercom Beward DKS15122 is designed to organize access control to the entrance of an apartment building. To transfer high-quality video to the IP intercom, a camera with a resolution of 1.3 MP is used. Duplex audio and video are transmitted using the SIP protocol. The presence of RFID reader Mifare ID allows you to organize access to the entrance using wireless tags. To transmit video in complete darkness, a built-in IR illumination is provided with a lighting range of up to 10 m. The metal anti-vandal case of the intercom will not allow attackers to disable it. Due to the temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° C, the doorphone can be operated at any time of the year. Support for a four-digit subscriber number, up to 9999, allows you to use the Beward DKS15122 IP intercomin hotels or in buildings with a large number of storeys.

SIP protocol: integration of IP doorphone into IP network
The Beward DKS15122 multi-site IP intercom with SIP support  opens up new possibilities for users. Thanks to the universal and open protocol, the BEWARD DKS15122 SIP video doorphone can be connected to SIP devices of other manufacturers (SIP doorphones, IP phones, IP video  phones, SIP monitors, IP handsets, SIP softphones, mobile SIP clients for various platforms, etc.). IP intercom can work through  IP-PBX  or communicate with another SIP device directly. DKS15122 makes it possible to take the call and open the door (tone dialing  the DTMF ) when transferring to a regular cell phone or landline. Up to 5 call directions can be configured for each subscriber.

High image quality
The 1.3 megapixel  SONY Exmor sensor  provides high image detail and has very good sensitivity. Thanks to 2D / 3DNR noise reduction technology, the  DKS15122 produces a good high quality image even in difficult lighting conditions.

High quality audio
IP Beward DKS15122 intercom is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone. Hardware-based audio processing and an echo cancellation system provide clear, well-recognized sound.

Room Access Control
The Beward DKS15122 IP intercom can connect 2 doors, the main and the additional. For each of the doors, it is possible to connect opening sensors, thereby you can control the duration and fact of opening the doors, as well as breaking them. The main door is opened by wireless RFID tags, or by an individual code. For an additional door, it is possible to connect the reader using the 1-Wire protocol.

Instant start
The Beward DKS15122 IP intercom after power is on, is ready to work out the basic functionality, and this is access to the entrance and call to analog handsets in 1 second. Even updating the firmware will not affect the development of basic functionality. In the firmware update mode, backup storage for 8500 RFID keys and 1500 codes for opening doors is used.

Hybrid intercom
Using the Beward DKS15122 IP doorphone, it is possible to make calls to the coordinate matrix analog networks of up to 600 subscribers. All that is needed is to replace the existing switch in the entrance with the Beward KKM-100S2 (solution for up to 200 subscribers) or KKM-105 (solution for over 200 subscribers). Solutions are optional and must be purchased separately.

Night shooting
For observation in complete darkness, an electromechanical IR filter  and built-in  IR illumination  with a range of  up to 10 m are provided  . Built-in IP intercom Beward DKS15122 powerful  infrared LEDs of the third generation  is characterized by an increased service life and high stability of parameters compared to conventional ones. The efficiency of the 3rd generation LEDs is so high that each of them replaces 15-20 ordinary ones.

Resistance to the environment
The metal  anti-vandal housing of the  Beward DKS15122 IP doorphone will not allow attackers to disable it, and the built-in tamper switch will indicate an attempt to remove the IP doorphone from the installation site. An 8-character LED display with adaptive luminance is capable of displaying information without delay at temperatures up to -50 ° C  , which LCD displays are not capable of. The Beward DKS15122 IP doorphone can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° C  and protection against dust and moisture in accordance with IP66 class  .

Wide functionality
The Beward DKS15122 IP doorphone can be easily integrated into a security system and used as an IP camera. At the same time, it allows you to record sound and video all the time, when you call a subscriber, open a door or detect motion. IP intercom Beward DKS15122 supports popular network protocols, which increases the possibility of its application.

  • ONVIF 1,3 MP, 1/3" SONY Exmor, 0.01 Lux (Day) / 0.003 lux (Night)
  • IR illumination (up to 10 m)
  • 2 mm fisheye lens, Waterproof  IP66
  • SIP Protocol,up to 9999 SIP subscribers
  • DWDR, 2D/3DNR,  FULL-Duplex audio
  • RFID 125 kHz and 13,56 Mhz
  • Vandal-resistant housing, IK10
  • 12 V (DC), Working temperatures: -50 -- +60°C
  • Multrix Analog doorphone, it is not for extension line this kinds of doorphone only popular in Russian market.

Note: For the USB memory, it comes with device, main function is parameter configs backup.
In this case,  all settings stored in removable memory. It allows to replace broken device easily: just install old memory card into new device ? all settings will be applied for new device.

Mounting Type: Flush Mount
Door Features: Video H.264 MJPEG 1 Button Keypad 2 Relay IR spotlight RFID ONVIF Vandal-resistant Camera PoE
Shipping weight: 1,50 Kg
Product weight: 1,10 Kg
How many brick strokes can a BEWARD DKS intercom system withstand?
Smart SIP intercom BEWARD DKS series has been tested for durability and vandalism. It is a video intercom, which was attacked by a man and withstood a series of blows with bricks. Fact - the intercom remained operable! The police have identified the hooligan from the footage that survived.

The BEWARD intercom is taken from a woman armed with a shoe.
This video is worth watching all the way through. The woman kicks the intercom, then leaves, but soon comes back, takes off her shoe and beats the intercom again.

BEWARD DKS15120: vandal-proof hybrid SIP apartment intercom system
  • Vandalism protected
  • Separate emergency and concierge call button
  • Support for 125 kHz and 13.56MHz RFID
  • Video transmission 1.3 pixels
  • Audio full duplex
  • SIPv2 protocol support
  • IR illumination up to 10 meters
  • Operating temperature range from -50 to +60°C
  • Support 9999 subscribers
  • 8500 RFID keys
  • Opening the door by the individual code of a subscriber
  • Registration of RFID key by individual code of subscriber
  • 5 call destinations per subscriber
  • Possibility to call up to 200 subscribers via coordinate matrix analogue networks (optional russia system)
  • Backup storage for 8,500 RFID keys and 1,500 codes in case of firmware or IP intercom reboot
  • Replacement memory with all settings (USB, preset)
  • Ready for basic functionality in 1 second after power supply
    (access to the entrance, call to analogue phones)
  • Frost resistant 8-character LED display
  • End tamper switch
  • Ability to connect an additional door and 1-Wire reader for it
    Possibility of remote control of entrance lighting
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