Vogtec professional manufacturer of VoIP network solutions networks in the classical sense SIP server, also known as SIP proxy or registrar, the SIP phones with the central telephone system.

Vogtec's innovative SIP telephones can be intuitively networked in the decentralised peer-to-peer network (or P2P for short) without a telephone system. This allows Voice over IP systems to be connected intuitively with just a few clicks via the web browser. This saves time-consuming configuration and maintenance of complex telephone systems or gateways or the costs of the IT technician.

A peer-to-peer connection is a network where all clients are equal and not as in classic client-server type architectures. The beginnings of peer-to-peer networks have become popular among P2P file sharing file sharing networks such as Napster, KaZaA and eMule, and today revolutionizing the VoIP world with its simplicity.

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